Endless Mystery

About 'Endless Mystery' Painting

This painting can mean many things to an observer. The following comments reflect my thinking processes and what it means to me, but I realise that a painting can be interpreted in many ways, so please allow it to speak to you!
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About 'Living Flame' Painting

This painting was partly inspired by an endless source of fascination for me - the Orion Nebula. I did a sketch of the heart shape with different colours, threads and light sources emanating from them, using pastel pencils.
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About 'Hidden Layer' Painting

It is a celebration of nature's joyful yet mysterious song. Every detail is unique, yet connected, and certain aspects - particularly in the use of the leaf, silver paint and thick texture gel mixed with the paint - change depending on the light and angle of the viewer.
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Watercolour Commissions

This month I had the opportunity to draw upon my knowledge of watercolour.
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Shimmering Threads

Cosmic Paintings

This article uses "Shimmering Threads" as an example of my cosmic/space scene paintings. I began by painting the entire 1m square canvas in a darkness shade. Then I started to pull out these “shimmering threads” – light out of darkness - while listening to classical music, which helps me stay in the right mood.
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