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Painting notes:

This nebula-inspired painting aims to visually express tenderness in uncontrollable wildness and the mystery of love between two people.

Similar to style and size as "Shimmering Threads" (which I did in 2016), this piece also celebrates the energy and mystery drifting around the universe. This painting is about the origins of creativity itself and is intended to transport the viewer into a peaceful place where they can ponder and meditate over things.

Based on a highly luminous hypergiant star located in the Carina Nebula, this painting brings out the passion and wildly alive heart that I feel resonating in myself and in all created things. Some people call it "the fires of heaven"; others "the burning love of God". This painting celebrates mystery and "beyondness" and a smoky, wave-like aesthetic with multiple layers.

No additional notes

This painting is loosely based on a nebula but decided to make its own way in the second layer. It's as if there is a world beyond and this painting is a veil separating us from it but also inviting us in. I was thinking about sound waves and light when I was making this painting,and feeling movement and ripples, hence its title.

This painting is completely intuitive, with zero photographic stimuli, just my imagination and the quiet companionship of my 8 year old son, who was also doing his own painting at the time. I feel this painting represents the process and development of cognitive states, reaching into the unexplored or the unknown for answers.

This painting took several weeks with many layers to create the glowing, ethereal effect.

It is believed that thousands of new stars are continually being born in the Orion Nebula. I am fascinated by its endlessly powerful, mysterious and raw creativity.

This painting has been bought by a lady who will kindly loan it if invited for exhibition.

Cards and prints are available of this painting.

My exploration into other dimensions continued with this ambitious piece.

The Apostle Paul encouraged us to not only think about things on earth but to let heaven fill our thoughts. "Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things."

Customer Review:

A couple of years ago I bought Heavenly Realms.  Initially, it caught my eye because of the bright colours and immediately I knew it was something that belonged in my home.  Looking, I can see a being reaching out into the fire but not being consumed by it, more using it for a purpose.  I almost envision the Creator at the beginning, creating his vision through darkness and fire without being lost.

But what I really enjoy about this painting is that no matter how many times I Iook at it, something new is revealed.  This painting makes me feel that everything is happening as it is supposed to and God has control of everything, no matter how chaotic things might feel.

This painting is loosely based on the Triangulum Emission Garren nebula, in which I saw a child's head looking down and turning something over in her hands.

It's almost like a snapshot from another world in which the painting is the window; like a memory of a dream.

This art has been created as a sacrifice-filled process of searching for meaning,  depth and the source of creativity itself.

This painting is about looking past the physical realm into the origins of creativity itself.

This painting is about raw creative energy. Read a blog post about this painting

I painted this as a musing upon things we can feel and sense but are invisible. Sometimes we get glimpses of clarity and whispers of higher knowledge that want to burst through the veil that separates us from something bigger. Like a window into eternity.

This painting took several weeks of seclusion, listening to spiritual/worship music, applying layer upon layer.

Customer Review:

"Shimmering Threads" has a peace about it and a calmness.  My young niece saw it at the same time as me and spoke about the stars and how everything seemed to be much bigger than we imagine.... it is a painting which you can get lost in and see new things.
This one reminds me of the heavens, hidden star systems and seeing just a glimpse of things unknown.  When I look at this painting it always helps me to feel calm and that there is so much wonder out there to see and experience, which we have the opportunity to explore.

This is the first nebula painting I did. It's based on the Orion Nebula, where new stars are being born all the time. I love the idea of all this swirling creative energy and the mysterious, exciting feelings it evokes.

This is a painting I did with no previous sketches or photographic material. I wanted to challenge myself to channel my intuition and mental energies into something completely unique.
I feel this piece symbolises the stormy seasons we all have to go through in life. There is confusion as we grapple and wrestle with difficult issues or challenges. I felt that this painting was finished when a sense of harmony and balance arose aesthetically.

This is an intuitive painting which is to do with recognising something deeper that runs through all natural and organic and living things.