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Painting Notes:

Taking a break from abstract/space scenes, I have been inspired to add to my collection of more realistic paintings including delicate sunbeams. This piece uses an impressionistic style, dividing up light into spots of pure colour. Like all my paintings, it is something to get lost in, to soothe the soul and feel rejuvenated by nature.

To me, the sunbeams and the way the light is broken up inside the woodland is a representation of hope inside my heart, resonating when I connect with nature. This is a place to come back to when everything else seems unattractive or without answers.

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Landscapes are places we can dip into to escape from our current surroundings and to remind ourselves of new possibilities. As a card, I like giving this to someone starting a new season in their life, to remind them of a big space they can run into freely. This is also good to give to someone recovering from illness, to transport them to a refreshing place.

This watercolour is taken from one of my favourite viewpoints by a rowan tree on a heather covered hill. It overlooks Lower Cabrach, Scotland. Behind the copper beech trees is Lesmurdie House, and in the centre, there is the old primary school – now the Acorn Community Centre – the church and Inverharroch farm.

This relaxing painting can be viewed until 30th January 2021 at Dot-Art Gallery, 14 Queen Avenue, Liverpool, L2 4TX / [email protected] / 0345 017 6660 Phone or email in advance to book an appointment as COVID protocol is in place.

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This painting of the Deveron Valley was commissioned to raise awareness and support for The Cabrach Community Association and the Cabrach Trust.