Welcome to the work of Madeleine Faith Williamson Pires. Thank you for stopping by; I hope you will be blessed and inspired by your visit today!

My vision is to reveal, express and show beauty and spiritual truth through art and music.

I believe art and music should inspire, affirm and resonate with the spirit of a person.

My aim is to draw attention to the eternal truths already imprinted in nature and the core of humanity.


ART: Come and see the latest display of my work in the Manchester area.

If you know me and live locally, please contact me to have your own private view!

picture house

MUSIC: I am recording an album of my own music at the moment. Watch out for the first single being released soon with the album launch date!

MINISTRY: For the first time this year I have been explaining the meaning of the Passover for schoolchildren and how a famous Passover meal started Communion.


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Thank you and be blessed today!