Madeleine Faith Williamson Pires is an artist, musician, and languages teacher, based between Manchester and Liverpool, UK. Her vision is to reveal, express and show beauty and truth through art and to assist those who want to articulate and express themselves in English and other languages.MPiresheadshot

She believes art should inspire, affirm and resonate with the spirit of a person, and that developing one’s ability to communicate clearly will make the world a better place!

Madeleine does art workshops and drawing/painting sessions in schools – please contact Dot Art Schools, Liverpool for more information in what it entails and how to book.

Latest Finished Paintings:

“A Place of Clarity”, Acrylic on deep edge canvas, 50x61cm

Clarity with watermark
Inspired from a photo taken by Chris Owen

Taking a break from abstract/space scenes, I have been inspired to add to my collection of more realistic paintings including sunbeams. This one uses an impressionistic style, dividing up light into spots of pure colour. Like all my paintings, it is something to get lost in, to soothe the soul and feel rejuvenated by nature. READ MORE/BUY THIS PAINTING

“Other Dimensions”, 2019

“Other Dimensions”. oil on canvas, 92x61cm, for sale £495.

An intuitive painting with no previous sketches, this seemed to flow out of me, and I felt very happy and peaceful while I was doing it. The “undefined smokiness” is becoming a visual language for me. Some people see bubbles, “pops of glory” and some get a feeling of fertility and energy. What do you think? Tell me on Facebook.

“Forming Stars” (based on Triangulum Emission Garren nebula), 2019

Star Forming med file
“Forming Stars”, oil on canvas, 122x91cms, for sale

This painting is a visual manifestation of the power of the human spirit to endure, to explore, to discover and express the energy and emotion unique to our kind. In an uncertain time in history; in an information-filled yet disillusioned generation, there is yearning for more depth, more tangible connection, more authenticity. This art has been created as a sacrifice-filled process of searching for meaning,  depth and the source of creativity itself.

Work in Progress: Glory Spill (based on Eta Carinae stellar system)

Glory Spill almost finished


“Concorde at Eventide”

Concorde at Eventide
“Concorde at Eventide”, 61x61cm, oil on canvas, private commission

When asked, I am happy to work with people to produce a work of art from their own ideas and imaginings. This client wanted the power of the Concorde to be supported by the dramatic sky, with the setting sun representing the end of the great Concorde’s time in the sky.


My proposal to do a joint exhibition with Haylea Archer at Dot Art gallery, Liverpool, has now been accepted. Watch out for news – it will likely be happening in early 2020.

I am likely to have pieces in the Liverpool Art Fair – do come and have a great time in Liverpool’s MetQuarter this summer.


I have been learning more about gilding, calligraphy and laser cutting to incorporate into my practice. Like me on Facebook to see current projects! Madeleine Williamson Pires – Artist



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