Madeleine Faith Williamson Pires is an artist, musician, and languages teacher, based between Manchester and Liverpool, UK.

Her vision is to reveal and express beauty and truth through art and to assist those who want to articulate and express themselves better in English and other languages.Madeleine2019

Madeleine believes art should inspire, affirm and resonate with the spirit of a person, and that developing one’s ability to communicate clearly will make the world a better place!

Madeleine writes and leads art courses at the Bluecoat, Liverpool, and at the Reader, Calderstones, through Liverpool-based art organisation Dot-Art. She also does art workshops in schools – please visit Dot Art Schools, Liverpool for more information in what it entails and how to book.

Please note that during the coronavirus season, classes will be online.

Latest Finished Paintings:

“Live-Giving Tree” 2020

Life-Giving Tree WM
“Live-Giving Tree”, Acrylic on canvas, 40x50cm, for sale £120

I gave a running commentary while filming myself painting this tree, for an online drawing and painting course. Read overview of this course

“Into the Deep” 2020

Into the Deep Watermark
“Into the Deep”, oil on canvas, 1mx1m, for sale £750


Get lost in the galaxies with this escapist piece.

“Underneath Everything” 2020

Underneath Everything with watermark
“Underneath Everything”, oil on canvas with silver leaf, 100x75cm,  £750

A sister piece to “Hidden Layer”, this painting seeks to represent invisible dimensions or “frequencies” and celebrate the mysteries of cognitive process.

“Golden Lilies” 2020

Golden Lilies watermark
“Golden Lilies”, oil on canvas with gold leaf, 40x40cm, £120

“We are all connected” 2019

we are all connected 2 watermark.jpg
“We are all connected 2”, acrylic on canvas, 76x102cm, for sale £290

This abstract piece is based on a previous work of the same name, which explores the visual language of circles/worlds which are connected by a delicate interweaving thread.

“Endless Mystery” 2019

Endless MysteryWM
“Endless Mystery”, oil and gold leaf on canvas, 121.9 x 91.4cm, reserved for exhibition

This piece is about endless mystery, or endless knowability. This piece was accepted for the long list of the Chaiya Art Award 2020. Read a blog post about this painting

“Living, Breathing Tree” 2019

Living Breathing tree Watermark.jpg
“Living, Breathing Tree”, 100x75cm, Oil on canvas, SOLD

This is my artistic representation of the life and goodness which emanates from nature. Buy a print or card of this painting

“Glory Spill” (inspired by Eta Carinae) 1mx1m, oil on canvas

Glory Spill watermark

This painting was inspired by “Eta Carinae”, a stellar system containing at least two stars with a combined luminosity greater than five million times that of the Sun. Like the nebulas, I feel they contain a visual model of expressing the intensity of  energy and passion that as humans we can feel inside ourselves.


I recently taught an “Art for Beginners” course at the Bluecoat, Liverpool. In early 2020 I taught an Abstract Art course at the Bluecoat. Due to its popularity, this course will be running again! Do check Dot Art Creative Courses for courses that I run.


Why not visit my art greeting cards and prints shop and create a thoughtful and original gift pack for your friends and family. HERE 


My proposal to do a joint exhibition with Haylea Archer and Rebecca Gardom at Dot Art gallery, Liverpool, has been accepted. “Abstract Expressionism” will take place at Dot Art gallery, Castle Street, Liverpool on 3rd July to 15th August. Email me me if you would like an invitation to the private view

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