Madeleine Faith Williamson Pires is a Christian artist, musician, and languages teacher, based in Manchester, UK. Her vision is to reveal, express and show beauty and spiritual truth through art and music, and to assist those who want to articulate and express themselves in English and other languages.IMG_3557

She believes art and music should inspire, affirm and resonate with the spirit of a person, and that developing one’s ability to communicate clearly will make the world a better place!

The aim of her creative work is to draw attention to the eternal truths already imprinted in nature and the core of humanity, so that all may discover the Almighty God.


“Your Life in Me” album now on sale 



“Having known Madeleine as an artist and worship leader for over ten years, it is thrilling to hear her own original songs produced and mastered for the glory of God.  This album is truly a product of her deep love for Jesus Christ and the Church.

I trust that her unique style of music will inspire many other people to believe, as Madeleine does, that the only lifestyle that makes sense is one fully committed to Jesus Christ, using whatever talents He has given us to worship God.

Enjoy the music and, at the same time, expect the Holy Spirit to use it to speak to you personally as you listen.”

Bill Mason, Founding leader of Riverside Porto International Church

3rd single “Jesus Yearns For Us” released 25th May 2018

Second single “So When He Comes” released 13th May 2018

First single: Victory Song. I hope you will be blessed and give glory to the One who inspired it!


ART: I’ve just finished an exhibition at Picture House, Newton-le-Willows and am now preparing for the New Wine art gallery, Shepton Mallet, which will take place from the 28th July-11th August.

LATEST PAINTING: “Whatever is true…” (Philippians 4:8)


MINISTRY: I have now started to minister songs from my new album, at various Christian events. Learn more


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