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Why MFaithArt?

My first name is Madeleine: my middle name is Faith. And as you will see, other interpretations of the word “faith” run throughout my art.

A “Called” Artist

I believe my purpose is to reveal and express beauty and truth through art and music. As well as painting and drawing, I play the piano and write songs. These two art forms constantly fuel and complement each other. To me, artistic and musical gifts are sacred and intended to be cherished, nurtured and developed in a life-giving way, not selfishly but as a way of exploring what it means to be human and experiencing moments of profound resonance with other people.


My Process

Read a question and answer interview about my artistic process and inspiration:
Here I answer questions about the materials I use, my style, process and career in art.


Like my Facebook page to interact with me. You can participate in my various musings, reflect upon quotes about art/music and ponder my “thoughts of the day”. You can comment on works in progress, be the first to know about new projects and even help me give titles to new paintings!

Recent Exhibitions

“Out of the Darkness”: 16th April – 5th June 2021
A joint exhibition with artist Haylea Archer, hosted and curated by Dot-Art gallery, Castle Street, Liverpool
This exhibition featured my large cosmic oil paintings inspired by nebulas. 0345 017 6660
View the paintings and listen to my 5 minute artist’s talk here.


“The Liverpool Collection”: 27th November 2020 – 16th January2021
A Liverpool themed group exhibition hosted and curated by Dot-Art gallery, Castle Street, Liverpool. My painting of “Marine Lake, West Kirby” was sold!


I’m a qualified teacher – I don’t spend my life marooned in my studio! I am first of all someone who loves learning and discovering new things (and new aspects of things I thought I knew!). I enjoy spending time interacting with other people who also want to learn, share and explore. Being a teacher forces me to articulate concepts in multiple ways, to listen well, and to understand things more deeply. I love connecting with people through art.

I write and lead art courses at the Bluecoat, Liverpool, and at the Reader, Calderstones, through Liverpool-based art organisation Dot-Art

Signing prints for The Cabrach Community Association’s commissioned painting “The Deveron Valley”

Latest Finished Paintings

Check out my latest finished paintings below!

"Lower Cabrach view, from Lone Tree" - 2021

“Lower Cabrach View, from Lone Tree” - 59x35cm - Watercolour on Paper - 2021

59x35cm - Watercolour On Paper

"The Deveron Valley" - 2021

"The Deveron Valley" - 76.2x50.8cm - Oil on Linen

“The Deveron Valley” - 76.2x50.8cm - Oil on linen
(private commission for The Cabrach Community Association)

"Infusion Of Light"
- 2021

"Infusion Of Light" - 2021 - 61x92cm - Oil on Canvas

61x92cm - Oil on canvas

"Knowledge Of The Glory" - 2021

"Knowledge of the Glory" - 2021 - 40cm diameter - Acrylic on circular canvas

40cm Diameter - Acrylic on circular canvas

"The Essence of a Tree" - 2021

20.5x29.5cm - Acrylic on Canvas

"He Unravels The Scriptures" - 2021

"He Unravels The Scriptures" - 2021

59x42cm - Watercolour on paper

Visit my Cards, Prints and Art Gifts shop!

I reproduce some of my paintings (not commissioned pieces) as affordable cards, prints and coasters. I love the way my art is used by others as a form of encouragement and blessing.

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My Inspiration

My inspiration comes from an intuitive urge to connect with a deeper energy or creative force that is outside myself, yet found through an introspective journey. My art, in all its forms, reflects this searching, resonating experience and aims to magnify the inner essence of things.

Visually, I get inspired by partly invisible features of the natural world, particularly the edges of clouds; light beams; the curves of tree branches; the way the wind rustles the leaves; and the movement of rivers. The shape of waves as they roll onto the beach and other liminal shapes – that is, shapes and forms which occupy a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold – inspire me.

In my paintings, these have turned into what has become my signature style “semi-transparent waves” and people have often remarked that when they look at my paintings, it’s as if they are gently moving in front of their eyes, like smoke through the air, a river flowing or waves rolling off the sea. In this way, I feel paintings can increase people’s visual fluency and ability to resonate with beauty, and are thus a positive, therapeutic presence in our lives.

“In a sense, all art points to the voice of abundance speaking into our parched souls in the desert of our industrial wilderness.” Makoto Fujimara