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Why MFaithArt?

My first name is Madeleine: my middle name is Faith. And as you will see, other interpretations of the word “faith” run throughout my art.

A “Called” Artist

I believe my purpose is to reveal and express beauty and truth through art and music. As well as painting and drawing, I play the piano and write songs. These two art forms constantly fuel and complement each other. To me, artistic and musical gifts are sacred and intended to be cherished, nurtured and developed in a life-giving way, not selfishly but as a way of exploring what it means to be human and experiencing moments of profound resonance with other people.


Read a question and answer interview about my artistic process and inspiration:
Here I answer questions about the materials I use, my style, process and career in art.


“You are not a performer of your abilities, but a servant with permission to bless people.”

 - (Martin Schleske, The Sound of Life’s Unspeakable Beauty)

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Upcoming Exhibitions

“Out of the Darkness”: 16th April – 5th June 2021
A joint exhibition with artist Haylea Archer, hosted and curated by Dot-Art gallery, Castle Street, Liverpool
Please phone the gallery to let them know when you're planning to visit on 0345 017 6660



I’m a qualified teacher – I don’t spend my life marooned in my studio! I am first of all someone who loves learning and discovering new things (and new aspects of things I thought I knew!). I enjoy spending time interacting with other people who also want to learn, share and explore. Being a teacher forces me to articulate concepts in multiple ways, to listen well, and to understand things more deeply. I love connecting with people through art.

I write and lead art courses at the Bluecoat, Liverpool, and at the Reader, Calderstones, through Liverpool-based art organisation Dot-Art

Latest Finished Paintings

Check out my latest finished paintings below!

"Cosmic Dance" - 2020

"Harmonious Tree" - 2020

"Into The Deep" - 2020

Private commission - 101x76cm (30x40")

This large painting (100x100cm) celebrates the vitality and harmony of nature.

Into The Deep - Watermark

Get lost in the galaxies with this escapist piece.

"Life Giving Tree" - 2020

"Underneath Everything" - 2020

I gave a running commentary while filming myself painting this tree, for the course mentioned above. Read overview of this course

A sister piece to “Hidden Layer”, this painting seeks to represent invisible dimensions or “frequencies” and celebrate the mysteries of cognitive process.

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