Madeleine Faith Williamson Pires is an artist, musician, and languages teacher, based in Manchester, UK. Her vision is to reveal, express and show beauty and spiritual truth through art and music, and to assist those who want to articulate and express themselves in English and other languages. madeleine bw

She believes art and music should inspire, affirm and resonate with the spirit of a person, and that developing one’s ability to communicate clearly will make the world a better place!


Latest Finished Painting: “Hidden Layer”

Hidden Layer full watermark
“Hidden Layer”, acrylic and gold leaf on canvas, 100x75cm, available for purchase

It is about the creative thread of energy running through all living things. It is a celebration of nature’s joyful yet mysterious song. Every detail is unique, yet connected, and certain aspects – particularly where I’ve used the leaf, silver paint and thick texture gel mixed with the paint – change depending on the light and angle of the viewer. READ MORE

New finished painting: “Gateway to the Deep Things”

Gateway to the Deep Things MP watermark
“Gateway to the Deep Things”, oil on canvas, 120x90cm, for sale

My venture into expressing what’s in my heart and soul continues with this wild and dynamic piece. Some people see a “portal” to a hidden realm; some see a phoenix; some see female reproductive organs! What do you see?


“Concorde at Eventide”

Concorde at Eventide
“Concorde at Eventide”, 61x61cm, oil on canvas, private commission

When asked, I am happy to work with people to produce a work of art from their own ideas and imaginings. This client wanted the power of the Concorde to be supported by the dramatic sky, with the setting sun representing the end of the great Concorde’s time in the sky.

“Righteousness, Truth, Justice”

“Righteousness, Truth, Justice”, Acrylic and Oil on canvas, 20×24″, private commission

This was a private commission for a client who had a very specific idea: the map of the UK in two shades of sea-green, with the words written in what looks like liquid gold. I learned how to gild with 23.75 karat gold for this piece. READ MORE

Latest painting: “Living Flame”

living flame whole
“Living Flame, oil and gold leaf on canvas, 1mx1m, for sale £1200

Read a blog post about this painting


Lion of Judah
“The Lion of Judah” oil on canvas, 61x61cm, SOLD

“The Lion of Judah” is now available as a mounted, signed print. You can opt for lettering of its title in real 23.75 karat gold or just the print on its own.

This would make an ideal present.

Do take advantage of this opportunity, because I will only ever print a few of these.




I am currently working on a commission using real gold on lettering on the canvas. I have been learning more about gilding, calligraphy and laser cutting to incorporate into my practice. Like me on Facebook to see current projects! Madeleine Williamson Pires – Artist


Dot Art, Liverpool membership

I am now represented by agency/gallery, Dot-Art, Liverpool.  

Two of my works are currently being rented out to a Liverpool business.


Recently sold paintings:








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