About 'Hidden Layer' Painting

This painting is about the creative thread of energy running through all living things.

It is a celebration of nature's joyful yet mysterious song. Every detail is unique, yet connected, and certain aspects - particularly in the use of the leaf, silver paint and thick texture gel mixed with the paint - change depending on the light and angle of the viewer.

As most of my paintings tend to be these days, they are "intuitively led". It went towards something quite to do with nature, as I felt a leading for green on the left side of the piece, while the right side blends into an underwater theme. Perhaps this is comes from my subconscious, as I have many memories of exploring the woodland as a child, breathing in all the smells and sounds of the natural world, and being enchanted with the beauty of it all.

Extra heavy gel incorporated with paint achieved this technique.

 The frog is a land and water creature - I feel this painting represents both water and land at the same time, and the power of living things to adapt and thrive.

The intertwining curves represent the thread of life running through everything that exists. Everything is living and dynamic, and unceasing.

 To me, birds represent freedom from restrictions and their song is an essential part of nature's harmony.

This piece also has a lot to do with music and unseen qualities. The smoky cloudy forms are a developing visual language for me, making bridges from the physical, temporal realm to a possible invisible, eternal realm. It links into research I've talked about before, to do with quantum physics and biblical philosophy. It is to do with the evidence-based theory that is emerging in science today of how everything that exists came out of something extremely small.

I'm especially pleased with the middle bit, how it looks like a vanishing point and all the little features get smaller and more abstract, creating a world that we can fall into and escape from the mundane.

One person who saw it said it would be ideal for a hospital or doctor's office, where anxious patients or family members of patients could get distracted by the detail and look for certain recognisable features like the fish, birds, frog and human forms.

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