Madeleine Faith Williamson Pires is a British artist, currently living in Manchester, England, specialising in vibrant oil paintings which are visual metaphors of Christian spirituality.

Her art expresses her resonance with what she feels to be the source of all creative activity and energy. She explores the power and beauty of nature and metaphysical themes, keeping a balance between skilful control and spiritual intuition.


“Madeleine’s work heightens the essence of what is and pulls into vision the things that lie hidden from our view.” Christie, Wales

She did a degree in Fine Art and Visual Culture at the University of West of England, Bristol from 2000-2003 and has developed her practice in various countries since then.

Madeleine is also a musician, playing the piano and singing on a regular basis. She sings and writes Christian songs which flow naturally from her life jour1472972_10155439176310652_5366216686539543521_nney. Music plays a part in fuelling and stimulating her practice as a visual artist, in a similar way that music influenced Kandinsky’s intuitive art.

Madeleine is a qualified teacher of English with experience in bilingual Early Years. She has enjoyed tutoring young people amongst a developing music ministry and art practice.

Short biography:

  • born Madeleine Faith Williamson in Kent, England in 1982
  • moved to the north of Scotland when she was 5
  • educated at Aberlour House, Gordonstoun, Elgin Academy, Moray College, flourishing in art, languages, sport, music and performing arts
  • did a BA Honours degree in Fine Art at the University of the West of England, Bristol from 2000-2003 with a dissertation in visual culture
  • worked in missions, catering and education in London, Italy, Israel and Portugal, all the while developing her art practice, writing songs and leading worship from the piano at various Christian fellowships
  • is a qualified teacher of English as a foreign language accredited by Cambridge University (CELTA) and taught English as a foreign language in Lisbon
  • worked in a Montessori nursery and Oporto British School as a bilingual Early Years teaching assistant and piano teacher
  • in January 2015 moved to Altrincham, Greater Manchester, UK with her husband and two sons, and worked as a private tutor in English, Art and Music. They now live in Lowton.

Please note that Madeleine has had to stop tutoring due to transport issues and will now be devoting more time to her family and creative/ministry projects.

To contact Madeleine about commissioned paintings, exhibitions, concerts or to speak, play or sing at your church or community group, pleaseĀ contact her here.

Many thanks for your interest!