I am now taking bookings for outdoor murals for 2024. Any artwork I do is always thoughtfully designed, carefully planned and a total one-of-a-kind visual work that tells your story. Please read the information below before getting in touch.

Time frame

  • I can only work on outdoor murals from late April to early October. Obviously, rain and cold weather are not conducive to painting!
  • In some circumstances I can create a mural in the colder months, for example I can paint indoors on MDF panel/s, which can then be screwed to an outdoor wall/structure.

How long does a mural take?

  • It depends on size and amount of detail. Each 8x7m “Flower Street” mural took 2-3 weeks onsite. For smaller murals with no need for working at height, it could be 3-7 days onsite. Also, be aware that the initial design takes some time to prepare, but I will always try to fit your timeline.

What is your style? Is there anything you don’t do?

  • I am a very versatile artist, but I prefer to paint subject matter to do with nature, organic forms (flowers, trees, leaves etc), poetry, attractive lettering, landscapes etc.
  • I don’t do footballers, anything with lots of pictures of people, graffiti style art/lettering, or anything I consider profane/alarming. I don’t connect myself or my art to political causes. I don’t do interior rooms or Disney characters; this is not my style.
  • Mine is a more “Fine art” style. I rarely use spray paint, and my paintings are more realistic, less flat and blended with brushes.

Do you work with schools?

  • I am happy to work with schools, especially to support the literacy and art curriculum.
  • I can work with your school’s vision statement and come up with a creative design that incorporates the school’s ethos/motto. Tasks can be delegated to children; I can also do workshops to include their creative contributions and consider the meaning of the artwork.
  • I am a qualified teacher of English, have taught art for many years, am a primary school governor and have a recent DBS check.
  • I have two teenage sons of my own and I love working with children and helping them to be creative and thoughtful.
  • I’ve done two murals for schools before, one a 3x3m space themed mural for a Reception playground (2018) and a 2x6m mural for a high school incorporating their school name and motto. Now that I have done 8 Flower Street murals on top of that (which included local children’s input) I have more confidence and experience.

Do you work with churches/religious groups?

  • I am open to commissions from churches/Christian/Jewish groups. My exploration into illustrated lettering started with Bible verse watercolours. I particularly enjoy the illuminated manuscripts of the 7th century onwards; I am keen to create modern versions with a nod to the traditions of the past.
  • My use of gold may be of interest. I have often gilded certain areas of my paintings with 23.45kt gold leaf (which is suitable for outdoor use; it won’t tarnish.)

What kind of paint do you use?

  • For rendered/brick walls, Dulux Weathershield Masonry Smooth for background colours/first layers, followed by Liquitex Professional Heavy Body acrylics for detailed areas. For MDF/wood, Dulux Weathershield Quick Dry Exterior. These paints last for at least 15 years.
  • I also sometimes gild certain areas. This is incredibly reflective and may be of interest.

Do you varnish the work?

  • I can use a protective layer of gloss medium to protect areas of detail.
  • For the Flower Murals, I used a special varnish on the lower areas. If any graffiti or defacing occurs, it can be washed off without damaging the artwork underneath. This is advised for public murals, but it does come at an extra cost of £12 per square metre.

What if my wall is damaged?

  • It would be preferable to get a separate tradesperson to prepare walls for my painting. Especially if it needs filling, previous paint removal etc.
  • I have done some preparation such as rendering patchy areas; this would be an extra cost. I always scrub or sand the wall before I start.

Can you work at height?

  • On areas over 2 metres high, scaffolding or a powered access machine will be required. I have the IPAF qualification necessary for operating the powered access (scissor lifts, cherry pickers) and can help with hire. Scaffolding needs to be arranged by you and erected by scaffolding professionals.
  • I’m fine with ladders!

Would you be able to work outside the Liverpool/Manchester area?

  • For single murals, yes, this is a possibility, but extra cost for accommodation would be added to the bill. I would make every effort to plan it so that the mural would be done within a short space of time.

If you have an enquiry, please click the link below to send me an email. Please give me an idea of:

  • Your vision and any key words/themes
  • The surface area of your wall/space and what kind of surface it is (brick, render, MDF etc)
  • The ideal time you want the mural to be completed by.


I will send you a reply and arrange a phone call or in-person visit (free of charge) so we can see how it can move forward. I will provide you with a quote and then work on some designs. The mural will only start when you are 100% happy with the initial designs.