Cosmic Paintings

This article uses "Shimmering Threads" as an example of my cosmic/space scene paintings.

I began by painting the entire 1m square canvas in a darkness shade. Then I started to pull out these “shimmering threads” – light out of darkness - while listening to classical music, which helps me stay in the right mood.

“Atmosphere of Heaven,” oil on canvas, 91.4×121.9cm, reserved for exhibition

I want to get across the “flowing” feeling of a wind blowing through a field, or a fish swimming through deep water. The power of a storm and the relaxing peace of a wave. Something uncontrollable and uncontainable, yet part of ourselves.

Just as music can give us audible signs of a huge creative force, so I wanted this painting to capture visible signs of that same huge creative force.
Shimmering Threads
"Shimmering Threads", oil on canvas, 100x100cm, SOLD

The Spirit searches all things,
even the deep things of God.

1 Corinthians 2:10

This painting requires a big wall and a large room or hall to enjoy the tiny details and its full impact.

Like most of my big nebula/abstract cloudy space scenes, this painting has now been sold. Its owner says:

“Shimmering Threads” ....the colours really drew me in. It has a peace about it and a calmness.
My young niece saw it at the same time as me and spoke about the stars and how everything seemed to be much bigger than we imagine and again it is a painting which you can get lost in and see new things.
This one reminds me of the heavens, hidden star systems and seeing just a glimpse of things unknown.
When I look at this painting it always helps me to feel calm and that there is so much wonder out there to see and experience, which we have the opportunity to explore.
Both of these paintings are enjoyable whether to have a quick glance at or to spend time looking at all of the detail.  Also, hearing friends and family members’ thoughts on them is brilliant too, as everyone seems to take something unique from them and these have truly been a blessing to have in my home.

How long does it take to create a painting like this?

This depends on the number of other creative projects I have on or planned, but they normally take several weeks of seclusion so that the delicate ethereal and powerful balance can be achieved, on a practical as well as mental level.

How much do your large nebula/space scenes/abstract prophetic oil paintings cost?

In the region of £1000. Please check back in the Galleries section for future works or get in touch with me here.

"Eta Carina/Glory Spill", Oil on Canvas, 100x100cm, reserved for exhibition
"Gateway to the Deep Things", oil on canvas, 120x90cm, reserved for exhibition