Abi from London bought “Dappled Light with Tree”. 

acrylic impressionistic tree“When in difficult recovery from childbirth God spoke to me through verses and images and the flourishing tree of Psalm 1 became a precious promise to me. When I spotted this tree with dappled light for sale on Madeleine’s website I loved it and wanted to have it in my home as a reminder of that special encounter with Almighty God. It is also precious to me because of the painter! I love the beautiful cheery colours and the impressionist paint technique.”
Card available.

Jerry from Wiltshire wanted “Breakthrough” for his factory.
“I love it. I want to have it at my work, in the entrance. I just want people to have a good experience on the way in…”

Breakthrough finished
“Breakthrough”, 30x40cm, Watercolour and acrylic on paper, £85

This painting has been sold, but if you would like to buy a card, please click here

I often send this card when I am thinking of someone who needs a breakthrough in their life.

If you would like a print of this painting, please contact me to discuss dimensions and requirements


Christie from Wales bought “Hineni oseh ha kol chadash (Behold, I Am Making All Things New”).

There is a sense of “meant to be” about these paintings, like Madeleine is painting something that already exists, but is usually beyond our vision, focus or artistic language.

Madeleine pulls these images from the place where they would have remained ungraspable for many of us and makes them both beautifully familiar and disarmingly aspirational. I feel both enriched and affirmed by having Madeleine’s art in my home.

Behold I Am Making All Things New
“Hineni oseh ha kol chadash”, 100x75cm, Oil on canvas, £1000. Sold

This painting has been sold, but if you would like to buy a card, please click here

I often send this card at New Year or when someone is ending a chapter in their life and beginning a new one.












Rachael from Bristol commissioned 3 paintings for the bedrooms of her home, including the 3 gerberas, (below) – her own idea, for her bathroom:

I love the fact that Madeleine makes each work of art personal as she thoughtfully, prayerfully approaches each one – that makes the paintings she gave us so much more meaningful and valuable to me and my family.


Margaret from Manchester bought “Inside the Orion Nebula” (below).

“I have never had such an emotional reaction to a painting.”

Inside the Orion Nebula
“Inside the Orion Nebula, 100×80, Oil on Canvas, £1000 sold.

Do you have an idea, dream or vision that you would like to see as an artistic reality?

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