Customer review of "Heavenly Realms" and "Shimmering Threads"

A couple of years ago I bought "Heavenly Realms."  Initially, it caught my eye because of the bright colours and immediately I knew it was something that belonged in my home.

Looking, I can see a being reaching out into the fire but not being consumed by it, more using it for a purpose.  I almost envision the Creator at the beginning, creating his vision through darkness and fire without being lost.

But what I really enjoy about this painting is that no matter how many times I Iook at it, something new is revealed.  This painting makes me feel that everything is happening as it is supposed to and God has control of everything no matter how chaotic things might feel.

"Shimmering Threads" had a similar beginning: the colours really drew me in. It has a peace about it and a calmness.

My young niece saw it at the same time as me and spoke about the stars and how everything seemed to be much bigger than we imagine and again it is a painting which you can get lost in and see new things.

This one reminds me of the heavens, hidden star systems and seeing just a glimpse of things unknown.

When I look at this painting it always helps me to feel calm and that there is so much wonder out there to see and experience, which we have the opportunity to explore.

Both of these paintings are enjoyable whether to have a quick glance at or to spend time looking at all of the detail.  Also, hearing friends and family members' thoughts on them is brilliant too, as everyone seems to take something unique from them and these have truly been a blessing to have in my home.

Abi from London bought "Dappled Light with Tree"

"When in difficult recovery from childbirth God spoke to me through verses and images and the flourishing tree of Psalm 1 became a precious promise to me.

When I spotted this tree with dappled light for sale on Madeleine's website I loved it and wanted to have it in my home as a reminder of that special encounter with Almighty God. It is also precious to me because of the painter!

I love the beautiful cheery colours and the impressionist paint technique."

Dappled Light with Tree

Jerry from Wiltshire wanted “Breakthrough” for his factory.

"I love it. I want to have it at my work, in the entrance. I just want people to have a good experience on the way in..."

This painting has been sold, but if you would like to buy a card, please click here.

I often send this card when I am thinking of someone who needs a breakthrough in their life.

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Christie from Wales bought “Hineni oseh ha kol chadash"

("Behold, I Am Making All Things new")

There is a sense of “meant to be” about these paintings, like Madeleine is painting something that already exists, but is usually beyond our vision, focus or artistic language.

Madeleine pulls these images from the place where they would have remained ungraspable for many of us and makes them both beautifully familiar and disarmingly aspirational. I feel both enriched and affirmed by having Madeleine’s art in my home.

This painting has been sold, but if you would like to buy a card, please click here

I often send this card at New Year or when someone is ending a chapter in their life and beginning a new one.


Margaret from Manchester bought "Inside the Orion Nebula"

"I have never had such an emotional reaction to a painting."

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