Watercolours and Drawings

“Hidden Layer”, pencil on paper, 30x20cm, 2016

Hidden Layer scan#
“Hidden Layer”, 30x40cm, pencil on paper, for sale (mounted) £100

The wind blows through the cobwebs in my mind…

Above: close-ups



“Hidden Layer” drawing, mounted

This is an incredibly detailed drawing that was intuitively drawn with a very fine-pointed pencil. It is a visual manifestation of complex human thought processes. The vanishing point helps the viewer enter into an experience of another dimension.


“Ballet Dancers” sketch, pencil, 2009

ballet dancers

“Nour”, pastel on paper, 2006


“An Old Wise Tree,” pencil on paper, 30x20cm, 2006

An Old Wise Tree

“Ethereal Patterns”, watercolour on paper, 2016

Ethereal Patterns V.2
“Ethereal Patterns”, 22x28cm, watercolour on paper, for sale £55



“Ethereal Patterns” Watercolour painting, mounted

This is a small but poignant piece which brings an ethereal, dreamy state of mind into a visual reality, inspired by the dignified beauty of tree branch/art nouveau patterns.


“Meditation, Series 1”, watercolour, 2016

meditation with dots
“Meditation” series 1, watercolour on paper, 30x40cm, framed, £100



“Meditation, series 1” Watercolour painting

Let this harmonious piece captivate your imagination and bring calm to your day, as your eyes follow the organic curves to the mystery within.


“Tonal Contrast Exercises” 2016

“Kingfisher” Pencil on paper, 2017


“Underwater Fantasy,” watercolour, 2015

Underwater Fantasy
“Underwater Fantasy”, watercolour on paper, 40x50cm, mounted and framed, £120  


“Underwater Fantasy”, Watercolour on paper, framed

This graceful and soothing piece is perfect for a bathroom or children’s room. Beautifully framed and much less work than a fish tank but with all the benefits!


“We are all connected,” watercolour, 2014

We are all connected
“We are all connected”, watercolour and acrylic on paper, 50x65cm, £100 SOLD

This piece means different things to different people. The circles could represent people, planets, different versions of reality – different yet uniquely beautiful. But there is a common strand, subtle, barely visible, whispering through us all and keeping us connected at a heart level.  What does it mean to you?

We are all connected middle

This piece has been sold, but if you would like a print or to commission me to do something similar, please contact me here

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