Trees and flowers

acrylic impressionistic tree
“Dappled Light with Tree” 18×20, Watercolour and Acrylic on paper, £75 sold.

This is an impressionistic rendering of the life and energy that trees give us.

I love trees. I love their silent, life-giving, aesthetically harmonious, self-sacrificial presence.

This painting has now been sold, but if you have a photo or idea that you would like me to paint, please contact me.

Cards of this painting are available.




Dappled Light with tree square greeting card


Ashkelon Rose
“Ashkelon Rose”, 100x80cm, Oil on Canvas, £750, sold.

This is a special commission I did while living in Ashkelon, Israel in 2005-6.


This painting has been sold but cards and prints are available.

I like to give this card to the lovely women in my life who appreciate beauty and who deserve to be reminded of how special they are!

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praise tree in red
“Praise Tree in Red”, 41x30cm (16″x13″), Oil on Canvas, for sale £175

I did this painting in 2005.

It explores impressionistic and expressionistic techniques of separating colours and giving a sense of intensity.
I call this technique “heightened realism”.

I’m trying to capture the way that nature “bursts forth” with vitality, as if it were praising God, hence its name.

I found the prophet Isaiah’s words resonating: “the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing”.

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