Trees and flowers

“Harmonious Tree” 2020


This painting has taken months and it is extremely detailed. The atmosphere around it is just as important as the tree itself. It is based on a real tree that is near my house. Every time I see it I am struck by its “harmonious” qualities – life, other-worldliness, light – these are what I am trying to bring out in my painting.

Oil and gold leaf on canvas, 100x100cm, £750

“Life-Giving Tree” 2020

Life-Giving Tree WM
“Live-Giving Tree”, Acrylic on canvas, 40x50cm, for sale £120

I gave a running commentary while filming myself painting this tree, for an online drawing and painting course. Read overview of this course

“Life-Giving Tree” original painting, acrylic on canvas

This is a very special painting, which celebrates the visible and invisible qualities of a harmonious tree, and will brighten up any space. 40x50cm. Price includes UK postage.


“Golden Lilies” 2020

Golden Lilies watermark
“Golden Lilies”, oil on canvas with gold leaf, 40x40cm, £120

I just loved the negative space around these lilies and the way they seemed to be exuding beauty and fertility. I wanted the white of the canvas to be the white parts of the petals, rather than using white paint. I wanted the stamens and stigmas to be shiny gold leaf for some reason. I love the gracefulness of lilies and wanted to capture it forever in this painting.

“Living, Breathing Tree” 2019

Living Breathing tree Watermark
“Living, Breathing Tree”, 100x75cm, Oil on canvas, £895 SOLD

I believe nature carries an awareness and largely unthanked generosity. I was raised in the countryside and developed a profound connection with green, living things. This painting for me is a beautiful yet terrible reminder of what nature means. It is bursting with life, season after season, yet seems so fragile and precarious at the same time. I wanted to make a painting that is glorious, yet devastating.

This painting is based on a tree that I sketched from life in a field near where I live. It seemed so “harmonious” and was standing near a main road where cars and lorries roll by every day. It was declaring its beauty and vitality in the face of adverse circumstances, and I feel that it is a reminder to us as human beings to do the same.

Flourishing Tree, 2019

Flourishing Tree
“Flourishing Tree”, 50x40cm, Oil on Canvas, SOLD £150

This painting was inspired by a Japanese cherry blossom tree. It’s a reminder of springtime – after harsh winters, the blossom reappears and the fruit will follow. For me that is a metaphor for my life.

treecloseupIt was painted using a thickening agent in the paint for the trunk and branches, and an impressionistic technique for the blossoms. It sort of changes depending on from which angle you look at it and how close you are.


Dappled Light with Tree, 2017

acrylic impressionistic tree
“Dappled Light with Tree” 18×20, Watercolour and Acrylic on paper, £75 sold.

This is an impressionistic rendering of the life and energy that trees give us.

I love trees. I love their silent, life-giving, aesthetically harmonious, self-sacrificial presence.

This painting has now been sold, but if you have a photo or idea that you would like me to paint, please contact me.

Cards and prints of this painting are available on my Cards shop.

Ashkelon Rose 2006

Ashkelon Rose
“Ashkelon Rose”, 100x80cm, Oil on Canvas, £750, sold.

This is a special commission I did while living in Ashkelon, Israel in 2005-6.

This painting has been sold but cards and prints are available.

I like to give this card to the lovely women in my life who appreciate beauty and who deserve to be reminded of how special they are!

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Praise Tree in Red, 2005

praise tree in red
“Praise Tree in Red”, 41x30cm (16″x13″), Oil on Canvas, for sale £150

This painting explores impressionistic and expressionistic techniques of separating colours and giving a sense of intensity.

I call this technique “heightened realism”.

I’m trying to capture the way that nature “bursts forth” with vitality, as if it were praising God, hence its name.

I found the prophet Isaiah’s words resonating: “the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing”.

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“Praise Tree in Red”, 41x32cm, Oil on Canvas, for sale £175

Bring nature’s vitality into your house with this calming yet lively piece.


Celestial Trees
“Celestial Trees”, Oil and mixed media on canvas, 60x50cm, for sale £250

This painting is an attempt to capture the mysterious, ethereal nature of trees and the calming influence they have on our lives.

Celestial trees close-up 2

I’ve half sculpted, half-painted a thick gesso underneath the paint to make the trees and branches stand out.

I’ve tried to capture the way the branches connect at the top to form a sort of cathedral-like corridor that draws the eye heavenward.

I’m inspired by the way trees communicate with each other through their roots, so I have connected them as well.

“Celestial Trees” oil painting


new hibiscus
“Red Hibiscus”, Oil on canvas, 50x70cm, for sale £150

This painting celebrates the supple beauty of this gorgeous plant by using multi-layering techniques to make the red really glow. This would be a great piece for a living room, bedroom or business such as a hairdresser.

“Red Hibiscus” oil painting


“Chasing the Wind” painting

Prints 2016-10
“Chasing the Wind”, Oil on Canvas, 30x25cm, for sale £90

I like the feelings of freedom and imagination associated with wildflower meadows. To me these cosmos flowers are a symbol of childlike faith but also the fragility and temporal nature of life.

“Chasing the Wind” oil painting