"Gateway to the Deep Things", 2019

Madeleine Faith Williamson Pires is a British artist specialising in luxury oil paintings.

She was trained from the age of 9 right through to university level in all the traditional disciplines of Fine Art, then went on to do a more conceptual Fine Art degree course at UWE, Bristol.

Having spent years developing her practice, painting dramatic land, sea and sky scapes, she “has come out of the other side” of the 21st century aesthetic into more abstract yet still highly detailed, multi-layered work. Inspired by the complex visual textures of nebulas, waves and tree branches, she has developed a visual language that marks liminality and ever-changing perceptions of reality.

These works include and bring together different avenues of understanding the world, appealing to the physicist, the astronomer, the prophet, the philosopher, the poet, the musician, among many; harnessing what is ungraspable for many of us and presenting breath-taking artworks loaded with meaning and suggestion.

Madeleine’s works are visual manifestations of the power of the human spirit to explore, endure, discover and express the energy and emotion unique to our kind. In an uncertain time in history; in an information-filled yet disillusioned generation, the artist is addressing the unspoken yearning for more depth, more tangible connection, more authenticity. She creates art out of as a sacrifice-filled process searching for meaning, truth and the source of creativity itself. She ignores the sarcasm and shallowness popular in contemporary art today, because she thinks people deserve moments to appreciate pure beauty, with no hidden or contrived agenda.

Madeleine with Cosmic Dance
Madeleine with "Cosmic Dance"

Most of Madeleine’s art is for sale at reasonable prices (unless it is stated that it has already been sold) and she is happy to discuss rental.

She is always open to collaborate with people to create their own unique piece. She takes the time to listen, and the work is done with the same sense of purity, affection and respect as all her pieces. It is an honour for her when someone wants some of her art in their home or office.

Madeleine is represented by Dot Art Liverpool. She will have a joint exhibition there from 3rd July to 15th August.

Madeleine speaks four foreign languages and also plays the piano and sings for devotional/ceremonial occasions. Contact about music!

Upcoming Exhibitions

29th January-13th March 2021: "Resonance" (name to be confirmed) with Haylea Archer, Dot-Art Gallery, 14 Queen Avenue, Castle Street, Liverpool, L2 4TX.

Previous Exhibitions

July 25th-August 10th 2019: The Art Gallery - New Wine United, Peterborough

Dec 2018-June 2019: 2 rented paintings, Quilter Cheviot, Liverpool

Summer 2018: New Wine Art Gallery, Shepton Mallet

Spring 2018: Picture House, Newton-le-Willows, solo exhibition

2016-2017: The Hub Community Centre, solo exhibition, Altrincham

Summer 2016: Art in the Park, Stamford Park, The Family and Counselling Centre

Summer 2016: New Wine Art Gallery, Shepton Mallet

Summer 2015: Hale Library, Hale Festival, Altrincham French Festival

Spring 2015: Water Exhibition, Art with a Heart

January-February 2015: Altrincham Market

Autumn 2009: "Flowers" exhibition, Nottingham

Summer 2009: "Untitled" Art Fair, Chelsea Old Town Hall, London

2007-2012: Odeceixe Comunidade Criativa, Algarve: Hand-carved stones

2007-2009: Frutos de Luz "Fruits of Light" art gallery, Algarve

2005: "Creator Gallery" Ascension Balham Hill, London

2000-2003: Degree show and various exhibitions in Bristol, Bath, UK and Bologna, Italy (Erasmus)

2000: End of year exhibition, Moray College, University of the Highlands and Islands

New Wine 2016
New Wine 2018
New Wine 2018
Creator Gallery, Ascension Balham Hill, London, 2005

Imagine the impossible becoming possible, the tiniest ideas becoming living reality, the whisper of a dream becoming an inspiring song.

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage. (Anais Nin)