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In 2018 I released my first professionally recorded album of Christian music called “Your Life in Me”. This album encourages listeners to believe in the finished work of Jesus Christ and draw upon all the resources of His precious, eternal, divine life within them. The aim is to press into the things of the Holy Spirit and grow in faith and intimacy with God.

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Madeleine brings so much sensitivity to all her songs, right from the upbeat “Something Happening In Me” to the final song “Beautiful”, which brings a prophetic edge right to the end. It’s a pleasure to endorse this CD.

Steve and Lesley Powell, Claremont Church, Bolton, UK

Listen to and watch the three lyric videos:

Track Listing:

  1. Something’s Happening In Me
  2. Victory Song (featuring Michael Cavanagh)
  3. So When He Comes
  4. The Narrow Way (featuring Michael Cavanagh and Nataniel W. Pires)
  5. Like a Fire Burning in My Heart
  6. Let Your Holy Name Be Known
  7. How My Heart Thrills (music inspired by Ghostland’s “Calming the Sea”)
  8. Jesus Yearns For Us
  9. He Is Calling
  10. Beautiful

These songs are all based on biblical truths. They work well in the context of church services and prayer meetings. If you would like to invite me to sing and play at your church or event, please contact me

Customer Review:
I recently purchased your CD “Your Life in Me” after listening to one of your tracks “Victory Song”. However, all the tracks on the album are so beautiful, in particular “Jesus Yearns for Us” and “He is Calling”. 
I feel so much at peace and surrounded by the Holy Spirit whenever I listen to these songs which I do on a regular basis. 
The CD encourages me to live for Jesus.
Thank you for your spiritual music. You truly have a gift.

Latest Project

I am now working on recording more meditative, instrumental piano for soaking worship and intercession, which would also fit into the modern classical category in secular society.

To support this project, please contact me or make a donation here. Thank you and all praise and glory be to God!

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Photo by Cassandra Lane Photography, May 2018