As a child, it became clear that I had a good ear and a good voice, and at school I was often chosen to be the soloist and lead performer at church services, musical productions and concerts. However, as a young teenager I began to notice how much music is used in the world to promote human arrogance, vanity and competitiveness, and I knew I had to examine my motives.

My “heart relationship” with the piano began after I had decided to stop having lessons when I was fifteen, and was starting to pray and cry out to God in the midst of my turbulent life. Playing the piano became a channel of communicating my heart to God, and also receiving his peace, reassurance and benevolence – much like prayer.

After I was born again at the age of seventeen, I was invited by church leaders to accompany hymn-singing and lead worship bands. I have been doing this wherever I have lived for 18 years. I am a worshipper, but my own devotional songs are not normally designed to be sung by a congregation.

My songs are like aural diary accounts of my walk with the Lord, and of statements from the Bible that have become alive to me. Many are declarations, or reminders, of what He has done for me and who I am in Him. When I have gone through a challenge or time of brokenness, I have written songs to embed in my spirit that God is good and that what is eternally true cannot be shaken.

Often, the Holy Spirit has inspired me and I will have sudden surge at the piano where multiple pieces of music flow one after the other, as if being downloaded from another realm. Usually the music comes first and then the words arrive. But sometimes both come simultaneously.

Sometimes, a particular event or revelation has sparked off a new song, which is then used to encourage, comfort and strengthen those who hear it.

They are, more often than not, prophetic messages communicating God’s heart to humanity.

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