“A Place of Clarity” 2019

Clarity with watermark
“A Place of Clarity”, Acrylic on deep edge canvas, 50x61cm, £275 SOLD
Inspired from a photo taken by Chris Owen

Taking a break from abstract/space scenes, I have been inspired to add to my collection of more realistic paintings including delicate sunbeams. This piece uses an impressionistic style, dividing up light into spots of pure colour. Like all my paintings, it is something to get lost in, to soothe the soul and feel rejuvenated by nature.

To me, the sunbeams and the way the light is broken up inside the woodland is a representation of hope inside my heart, resonating when I connect with nature. This is a place to come back to when everything else seems unattractive or without answers.

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“A New Day Begins” 2016

A New Day Begins good version.jpg
“A New Day Begins”, oil on deep edge canvas, 60x60cm, for sale, £295

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“An New Day Begins” oil painting, 60x60cm

This minimalistic yet atmosphere-laden painting reminds you that every day is a new beginning infused with fresh potential.


“Meadow Bliss” 2016

Meadow Bliss Cass version
“Meadow Bliss” 30x40cm, Oil on Canvas, for sale £120

Landscapes are places we can dip into to escape from our current surroundings and to remind ourselves of new possibilities. As a card, I like giving this to someone starting a new season in their life, to remind them of a big space they can run into freely. This is also good to give to someone recovering from illness, to transport them to a refreshing place.

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Meadow Bliss, oil on canvas

This is a small yet detail-filled painting whose sky seems to roll away, taking you into a fresh place. People say that the field seems to dance like waves and that you can almost smell the poppies.


“Sunset Waves” 2015

Sunset waves
“Sunset Waves” 100x80cm, Oil on Canvas, £225 SOLD – greeting cards/prints available

“Rolling Field” 2007

rolling field
“Rolling Field,” Oil on canvas, framed in brown wood, 55x65cm, for sale £395


Rolling Field, Oil on canvas, framed

This is a Van Gogh style painting with very thickly applied oil paint. The scene is what I call "heightened realism" verging on expressionism, taking the viewer to the heat of an August day. The way the furrows curve into the distance gives a transportational effect and helps you escape from whatever is troubling you.