Bible Words/Prophetic

This page shows paintings I have done for Christian clients/churches/festivals.

“Hope in the time of Coronavirus” – 2020

Hope in Corona WM
“Hope in the Time of Coronavirus”, oil on canvas, 60x90cm, sold

I was commissioned by two churches to create this piece for the front of a Gospel tract and poster they wanted to produce. They had the beginning idea of a crown of thorns (corona means crown) and a close-up image of a virus. I got to work and creativity began to flow…. I wanted to transmit the message that God’s goodness is greater than evil, that Jesus’s finished work on the cross absorbs and takes away sin and disease, and that light shines through the darkness, giving hope.

“The Atmosphere of Heaven” 2019

Atmosphere of Heaven watermarkjpg
“Atmosphere of Heaven,” oil on canvas, 91.4×121.9cm, £500

This painting attempts to give a glimpse of the heavenly scene of the river and tree of life in Revelation 22.

Although there are limits to human capacity when it comes to describing heaven and the world to come, I have used an intuitive technique based on years of experience of painting to bring forth this glorious place in an art form. I invite every viewer to enjoy the waters of refreshment that cascade from God’s throne, where every hurt, every bad memory, every care of this life will be washed away, and to enjoy the fruit of the tree of life in heaven.

“O Worship the Lord” 2019

O Worship the Lord MP
“O Worship the Lord”, oil and gold leaf on deep edge canvas, 100x50cm, for sale £250.

I felt inspired to bring this wonderful exhortation from Psalm 96:9 to life.

Thick paint has been used liberally to form textures and shapes, hinting at outstretched angel wings similar to the Ark of the Covenant design, in a stance of total respect, humility and esteem for the God who deserves our highest regard and adoration. In the bottom of the picture are shapes suggesting outstretched hands.

O Worship the Lord closeup of gold lettering

The reflective brilliance of the 24kt gold represents the brilliance of God in the highest and how we as his family should be reflecting his glory. It is a coming together of heaven and earth; something powerful and pure. I felt white and misty pastel tones were necessary to set off the luxurious writing and to transmit the precious holiness of God.

This painting would be ideal for a church, or worship/devotional area.

“The Lion of Judah” 2018

Lion of Judah
“The Lion of Judah”, oil on canvas, 61x61cm (24×24″), private commission, SOLD

This painting was commissioned by a church minister. The symmetry of this beautiful lion was important to get perfect in this painting, as well as the sense of dignity, grace and power. No-one needs to tell a lion that it’s a lion!

This painting deserved incredible attention to detail and it took several weeks. Before it went to its owner it was professionally photographed and I have the permission to reproduce up to 70 prints.

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Righteousness, Truth, Justice painting

horizontal angle
Oil and 23.75kt gold leaf on canvas, 20×24″, private commission

This client wanted the words to look like they were written in liquid gold on top of a bird’s-eye-view of the UK.

“Whatever things are true” (Philippians 8:4)

“Whatever is true” watercolour on paper, 40x50cm, framed, for sale £200

Read more and see more close-ups of this painting


“Whatever is true….” Philippians 4:8 Bible verse painting, watercolour on paper, beautifully framed

Price includes postage.



“Worship” 2018

“Worship”, Oil on Canvas, 80x60cm, SOLD £295

This intuitive painting was inspired by beholding someone singing their heart out to the Lord in humility but with energy. I really feel that the colours, softness and sweeping movements that came to me while painting this express what words cannot say.

“Like a Mighty Warrior” 2018

Based on Jeremiah 20:9-12, and other Words to do with living water, the uncontainable nature of God, and “one like a Son of man”.

Madeleine Album Cover-Cass version
“Like a Mighty Warrior”, oil on canvas,  91×60.5cms, £395 SOLD

A prophetic, intuitive painting, inspired by a song. This painting was created to give visual accompaniment to a CD album.

“In the Beginning was the Word” (John 1) – 2017

In the beginning was the Word
“In the Beginning was the Word” (John 1) 80x60cm 31.4″x23.6″, Oil on canvas, £570 SOLD

This painting was created to bring visual life to the famous and enduring first words of the Gospel of John.

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“Spirit and Life” (John 6:63) – 2017

spirit and life smaller file
“Spirit and Life (John 6:63)”  28x40cm Watercolour on paper (50x56cm framed) For sale £200

Flowing lines have been incorporated into the archaic-looking text to help communicate the timeless power of the spoken words of Jesus and to draw upon the ancient and enduring traditions of the Judeo-Christian Bible.

The New Testament was written in Greek, but Hebrew is closer to what Jesus would have actually spoken. This is the transliteration:
“Ha ruach hi hamechaiah: habasar einu mo-il klum. Ha dvarim she debarti alechem ruach hem ve chaim.”

“Spirit and Life” (John 6:33) watercolour painting, framed in bronze

Remind yourself of the unrivaled value of God’s Word by having this where you can see it every day.


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Commission your own Bible verse piece/prophetic painting

Madeleine loves meditating on the Word of God. She also studies Hebrew, having lived in Israel in her 20s exploring her Jewish roots. Alongside her cosmic oil paintings, she enjoys making art with Bible verses that God lays on her heart. She uses a Celtic-inspired lettering, often with Hebrew interwoven throughout, all done by hand in her unique, flowing style.

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The atmosphere surrounding true worshippers gathered together to meet and hear from God is the perfect setting for Madeleine to paint, hear and “see” from God. Often, Madeleine receives symbolic messages which are usually linked to Bible verses and prophecy. These are very encouraging, affirming and edifying for communities of believers.

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