Space Scenes and Abstract

Blank Gallery wall
“Light of Your Revelation”, 100x80cm (39″x31″), Oil on canvas,  for sale £650 unframed, £750 framed

This painting began with no photos, sketches or drawing guides. I just had an idea of the colours and a strong theme in mind: the clouds of confusion and double-mindedness parting to reveal the light of absolute clarity, purity and certainty.

Sometimes we go through times when what we need seems just out of our reach. This painting is a visual manifestation of meditating on God’s Word and seeking him whole-heartedly in prayer.

“Draw near to God, and God will draw near to you.”

When I created this painting, it was while considering the things of God and how we have access to the mind of Christ through our born-again spirit. I am constantly aware of the necessity to renew my mind with the Word of God, not being conformed to the world, so that I can understand the things of God. I trust that Jesus sent his Holy Spirit to guide us into all truth.close-up bottom right corner

I spend as much time as I can pressing into that awareness, listening, waiting, and not allowing the clamour of this world and the busyness of life to corrupt the flow. I feel this separated kind of life is necessary to get to the place where I want to be with the Lord.

Now that I’ve finished it, I find myself gazing at this painting and just enjoying the Father’s glorious presence. I hope the softness of the colour blends speaks to you of his tenderness and the flashes of light bring new revelation to you today through faith in Him.


The main message I feel this painting is saying is: “Spend time fixing your gaze upon God; align your mind and spirit with His, and rise up to a new level in Him.”

“Light of Revelation” oil painting, 80×100cm.


Shimmering Threads good version
“Shimmering Threads”, 100 x 100 cm, oil on deep edge canvas, for sale £1000

This painting took several weeks of seclusion, listening to spiritual/worship music, applying layer upon layer. 

I began by painting the entire 1m square canvas in a darkness shade. Then I started to pull out these “shimmering threads” – light out of darkness.

shimmering threads closeup

I want to get across the “flowing” feeling of a wind blowing through a field, or a fish swimming through deep water. The power of a storm and the relaxing peace of a wave. Something uncontrollable and uncontainable, yet part of ourselves. The visible signs of a huge creative force.

shimmering threads picture house


This painting requires a big wall and a large room to enjoy the tiny details and its full impact.

shim threads hallway

To rent this painting for £30 a month, contact me here

If this painting were to be framed, I would recommend an off-white shade which would pull out the light tones, or whatever a professional art framer would advise.

Shimmering Threads

Postage included. This item can only be shipped to customers in the UK mainland. If you are interested and live outside the UK, please contact me through the contact page.



Inside the Orion Nebula
“Inside the Orion Nebula” 100x80cm, (39″x31″), Oil on canvas,  framed in black, £1000 sold.

This painting took several weeks with many layers to create the glowing, ethereal effect.

It is believed that thousands of new stars are continually being born in the Orion Nebula. I am fascinated by its endlessly powerful, mysterious and raw creativity.

This painting has been bought by a lady who will kindly loan it if invited for exhibition.

Cards and prints are available of this painting.

“Inside the Orion Nebula” greeting card


heavenly realms
“Heavenly Realms”, 100x80cm (39″x31″), Oil on canvas, £900 sold.

My exploration into other dimensions continued with this ambitious piece.

The Apostle Paul encouraged us to not only think about things on earth but to let heaven fill our thoughts. “Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.”

I have taken that advice quite literally with this painting, which was snapped up at the New Wine art gallery in 2016 before I had time to fully appreciate it. I’ll just have to keep on painting!

“Heavenly Realms” greeting card

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Prints are also available of this painting on request.