About “Spirit and Life” watercolour painting

“Spirit and Life (John 6:63)” I’ve been meditating on verses like these for a while. Words spoken the way Jesus spoke them contain spiritual and creative energy. In the book of Genesis we read that God made the universe by speaking words. John equates Jesus as the physical embodiment of the Word. In the first … More About “Spirit and Life” watercolour painting

“The Lion of Judah” print with lettering in real gold

This year (2018) I had the privilege of painting “The Lion of Judah” as a special commission for a church leader. For more information of the significance of “The Lion of Judah”, click here. I have the permission to produce up to 70 limited edition prints, to extend the way this painting can bless people. … More “The Lion of Judah” print with lettering in real gold

About “Whatever things are true…” painting

“We all meditate, whether intentionally or not,” I heard someone say. Whatever you allow to enter your head and allow to linger will eventually become a part of your thinking, feeling and being. Perhaps this is why King Solomon warns us to “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it” (Proverbs 4:23). … More About “Whatever things are true…” painting