About "The Atmosphere of Heaven" Painting

“Atmosphere of Heaven,” oil on canvas, 91.4×121.9cm, reserved for exhibition

In Revelation 22, John describes a “pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding from the throne of God and of the Lamb. In the middle of its street, and on either side of the river, was the tree of life.

Although there are limits to human capacity when it comes to describing heaven and the world to come, I have used an intuitive technique based on years of experience of painting to bring forth this scene in an art form. I invite every viewer to enjoy the waters of refreshment that cascade from God’s throne, where every hurt, every bad memory, every care of this life will be washed away, and to enjoy the fruit of the tree of life in heaven. I believe that God is always radiating His desire to do everybody good, that we can enter into and participate in if we want to.

The area surrounding the tree and the river is just as important as the things we can recognise. The Gospel and first letter of John tells us that "God is Spirit", and "in Him there is no darkness at all".

He is full of passionate, tender-hearted, gracious love towards every person who has ever lived and ever will live. I believe his very character infuses through the air in heaven; the atmosphere of glory and worship is everywhere. With unending compassion, He wants to fill every person with His life, His presence, and His glory. This can begin in the earthly life, but continues into the heavenly realm, where His nature permeates through everything in much stronger waves of pure energy, beauty and holiness. This is what I have tried to portray in this painting.

My prayer is that this artwork will cause every person who sees it to be full of hope and awareness that this earthly life is merely preparation for the comfort, the beauty and the full satisfaction of being part of God's family in our eternal home. There we will serve one another in love; instead of jealousy and hypocrisy there will be perfect peace and companionship, flowing out of the love of our Creator.