“Living Flame” painting

living flame whole

This painting was partly inspired by an endless source of fascination for me – the Orion Nebula.


I did a sketch of the heart shape with different colours, threads and light sources emanating from them, using pastel pencils.


I was envisaging a huge energy source, somewhere that human beings can go to in the depths of themselves yet which is also not of this world.

closeup2I enjoy creating things that suggest that there is always more to discover; more layers beyond what we already see; something  infinite and endlessly powerful.

Painting like this is an intuitive practice. I practise “listening” to where the intricate threads should go, what shapes to make and what colours to use and when to blend them into a different colour.





I have tried to capture the effect of moving, rippling and glowing in this painting. I was inspired by a song lyric I heard “Living Flame of Love” and mused over the possibility that all that we see was brought into being by a love-filled deity….. ever-growing, ever-burning, ever-passionate and mysterious. As difficult to discern and explain as the pathways of the wind… something that invites us to explore and ponder.

Another song I was listening to a lot during the creation of this painting was “Come near, oh Burning One” by Misty Edwards.



For the first time ever in an oil painting, I have included some 24 karat gold leaf in the middle of the swirling flame, which is not only a beautiful gold colour of course, but it also reflects different colours. It changes depending on which direction you look at it….a bit like when we regard viewpoints on spiritual/religious things.


Like all my space scene paintings, this is a visual manifestation of depth and wildness.

Recently I read in a book about someone being “hit with the full force of his intelligence” which I found exciting and awe-inspiring – and that thought may have made its way into this work.

The sister piece to “Living Flame” is called “Gateway” and will be revealed in the coming months.



“Living Flame” oil painting with gold, 100x100cm canvas

An intricate and mysterious piece.


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