About “Shimmering Threads” painting

I began by painting the entire 1m square canvas in a darkness shade. Then I started to pull out these “shimmering threads” – light out of darkness.

shimmering threads closeup

I want to get across the “flowing” feeling of a wind blowing through a field, or a fish swimming through deep water. The power of a storm and the relaxing peace of a wave. Something uncontrollable and uncontainable, yet part of ourselves. The visible signs of a huge creative force.

shimmering threads picture house

This painting requires a big wall and a large room or hall to enjoy the tiny details and its full impact.

shim threads hallway

If this painting were to be framed, I would recommend an off-white shade which would pull out the light tones, or whatever a professional art framer would advise.











Shimmering Threads oil painting, 100x100cm

Be transported to a different place.



Rent “Shimmering Threads” for £25 a month


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