About “Victory Song” (newly released first single of my new album)


This song came out of a thrilling, fresh realisation of what the Epistles mean, during a time of personal revival in the spring of 2017.

A few months before, I was led to read T. L. Osborn’s book “Healing the Sick”. For some time I had been wondering why prayers for healing often seem to go unanswered, and I started to research men and women of God with anointing for healing, as well as looking more closely at the ministry of Jesus, paying particular attention to the King James Version of the Bible.

T.L. Osborn (1923 –  2013) was an evangelist who passionately preached the Gospel and the Lord confirmed His Word by healing many hundreds of people. In his book “Healing the Sick” he wrote: “We have come to know that we are united with deity” which inspired me to press in to the Lord for the same.

I’ve come to a place where worship and loving God is much more than just being happy that my sins are forgiven.

It is partnership with the Creator of the Universe; a constant God-consciousness; the Word and the Spirit want to create and be expressed in THIS life, through our bodies and our willing co-operation, just as Jesus did when he walked on the earth.

It is seeing people as God sees them; seeing ourselves as participating in the glorious supernatural ministry of Jesus Christ, bringing His truth and abundant life into challenges we and people around us face, here and now.

I sing this song every day to remind myself that Christ, who has won the victory, is in me. There is no challenge or problem too great for Him. He is superior to everything that may set itself against His knowledge and Lordship. He is Jehovah Nissi, the self-existent One who is our banner of victory and triumph.

May I be so bold to ask you to esteem His finished work for you today, forget what you think you know and adopt His way of doing things as your way of doing things. Let what God has spoken be superior to every contrary situation, thought or voice. This won’t be automatic; it is a process of renewal.

Keep pressing in to the things of God. The scripture says, “Whoever believes in him will not be disappointed.” (Romans 10:11)

Victory Song
By Madeleine Faith Williamson Pires, 2017

Verse 1:

I will praise You in the morning, Lord,
Giving You this new day and receiving Your victory.
All today, your tune of truth will be flowing and soaring in me,
Living out your eternal life.

Verse 2:
Your life in me is the only thing    that’s really important to me
You are higher and superior
I esteem Your finished work for me, and all that You have for me
I’m united with deity.
Oh, it’s amazing, you are amazing!

Verse 3:
Long ago, the fear of death left me,
Because of Your victory, and triumph at the cross,
God has raised you up in glorious power, for which I rejoice every hour,
That you desire us to share your

Divine     nature,     Jesus, You want us
To be strong in your mighty power,
And do Your works as liberators, to be imitators of Christ,
Speaking forth     Your eternal Word.

I’m    living     Your life and I thank you for sharing Your  (repeat chorus)


I’m  seated   with You     in heavenly places
I’m  moving with You      in the realm of Your Spirit
I’m  thinking Your thoughts       I have the mind of Christ
I’m  speaking Your words           they’re spirit and life
I’m  doing Your works          to glorify Jesus
I’m  walking in faith           my eyes fixed on Jesus

© Madeleine Faith Williamson Pires

Download PDF Chord and Lyrics for Victory Song

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