Women Aglow, Altrincham 5th January 2018

Friday 5th January 2017: Women Aglow, Altrincham, Broomwood Community Centre

Thank you Carole and Sara for inviting me to speak motivating and challenging words at your New Year meeting! The room was full and we had a wonderful time with the Lord!

We looked at what it means to “keep God’s Word” (John 14:23), the term “wash your mind in the Word” (unpacked through Romans 12:2), to understand God’s will (Ephesians 5:17) particularly His will regarding health and healing, and to discover ourselves and our God-given purpose in the Scriptures.

The thing I most enjoyed declaring was:

“God’s will is good, and Jesus showed it all the time by helping people.   

Keep God’s posture when it comes to people. Know his will.

God’s yearning compassion is to do everyone good.”


Jesus is watching us, seeing who has faith, and He is watching over His words to perform them all the time.

Faith is expecting God to do what He said in His Word he would do.”

Thank you ladies for allowing me to bless you with these unfailing truths, with some spiritual songs and with cards from my paintings. I sincerely wish you all a successful and victorious 2018 with all the dynamic life of Christ infusing through you all the time!


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