Taking it further in ministry

A brief history…

Whilst at university in Bristol in the early years of this millennium, I went to a church where the Gospel was preached in power. I got totally inspired by the Great Commission. I started exploring world mission, evangelism and also my Jewish roots, which started an exciting journey that included evangelism campaigns with Jews for Jesus (a mission organisation dedicated to preaching the Gospel), training, travelling, Hebrew and meeting all kinds of different people! See my short biography here

Messianic Movement

I have 12 years of experience of explaining the significance of Jesus Christ in the Jewish Passover, in various denominations and groups around the UK, Portugal and Israel. After a break whilst I got married and had my babies in Portugal, I returned to the UK and to the voluntary work of representing Jews for Jesus, while developing my own ministry that encompasses the breadth of what God has given to me to use to express Him. I have also been asked to talk about Christian Art in schools, as well as the Christ in the Passover message.

Speaking, teaching and preaching

More recently I have been invited to speak and preach on Gospel communication and Christian development. When appropriate, I sing and play one or two of my “spiritual songs”, and bring my stand of art greeting cards, which support the prophetic message.

I am open to invitations to minister in your church, conference, student group, Bible studies or other gatherings.

I have a deep desire to inspire my generation and the next to live for God; to speak the life-giving Word, ability and energy of God into people. Indeed, it’s not only a desire but a necessity and a responsibility that all of the Lord’s servants should take seriously as well as joyfully!

Topics I often speak on include:

  • What is the Gospel and how can I share it effectively?
  • Speaking Jesus’ words and doing Jesus’ works: the life of a true disciple
  • Jews and Gentiles together as One New Man (Ephesians 2 and 3)
  • How can I get to the next level in my Christian walk?
  • How to face challenges the way Jesus taught us
  • Does God want us to know His will? A Bible study
  • Faith and unbelief
  • Art, Music and Science: All Good Methods of Understanding God’s Creation
  • Exploring Eternity and the Mind of Christ
  • Beauty, purity and tenderness: paying attention to forgotten values
  • Magnifying the Lord in worship

For an official Jews for Jesus meeting, please contact the church relations agent on 020 72675597.

To contact me directly, click here

Christian Songs for children and choirs

I have experience in teaching and directing children’s choirs, both in various churches I have been a part of and at schools. Whilst working at Oporto British School I was the assistant to the music director and was part of some wonderful concerts and services.

I love helping children to sing their hearts out and to project their voices so they can experience the joy of music. I prefer to teach songs that help them think about God’s heart for people and what it means to believe in Jesus. I try to help them understand singing as not a competition but a chance to be involved in something beautiful that brings all of us to a higher plane.

To book me to teach a song to your class, Scout group or Sunday school, please contact me here .

I also help people write their own songs and am able to make simple musical arrangements that are accessible and enjoyable.

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